Crocs is giving away 10000 pair of shoes for FREE

Crocs is giving away 10000 pair of shoes for FREE

To support the Healthcare drive-in fighting with coronavirus Crocs Company has done a remarkable job providing free shoes to healthcare workers. This is indeed a good step which will also motivate others to extend support in fighting against the deadly coronavirus.

The company has taken a good step and launched a program under which the company would be providing a selected pair of classic clogs and crocs at work styles to the healthcare workers. This has been confirmed by

According to the company 10,000 pairs of crocs will be given away for free!

President and CEO Andrew Rees “The duration of our giveaway will depend on our level of inventory and the amount of requests we receive.”

Andrew Rees further said "These workers have our deepest respect, and we are humbled to be able to answer their call and provide whatever we can to help during this unprecedented time."

These free crocs would also be delivered free without any shipping so, any medical representative can simply visit and order free crocs with free shipping.

Crocs is one of the most popular company across the world and if this has come forward to help those who are working day and night without thinking about their lives then it also becomes our duty to wither support them mentally or physically.

COVID-19 crisis is still not over and the whole world is fighting against it and just like crocs Gap and Old Navy owners have given statement that they will also come forward and redirect their factory partners to start making masks, and personal protective equipment for all those who are from the healthcare industry.

The other big brands like General Motors, Ford and Tesla have also started preparing to make ventilators to meet the ventilator demand.

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